Tales from the Loop: Out of Time


TALES FROM THE LOOP: Out of Time Mystery Compendium. This book is compatible with both Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood RPGs

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Tales from the Loop: Out of Time

A mystery compendium that includes:

  • The Animal Ark. Where in the Kids investigate a missing pet and end up in a very strange storm.
  • Summer Camp. Summer break is finally here, and the Kids are sent to summer camp. But playing and swimming quickly turn to heart-racing terror and confusion when the children wake up in a completely different summer – in another time.
  • The Storm in the Hourglass. Curious exploration leads the Kids beyond the cordon, to unstable bubbles of time and space, whose origins lie somewhere in the depths of the Gravitron.
  • Classified. A new mystery landscape, full of hooks and intriguing characters.
  • The Mystery Machine. Create new mysteries, or take a look at your growing adventure landscape via an all-encompassing scenario and character generator.
  • Mix-CD of Mysteries. Eight short mysteries based on hit songs from the ‘90s.

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