Sworn by Ghostlight

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Sworn by Ghostlight is played using simplified rules from the Ironsworn RPG System.  Every game of Sworn by Ghostlight is unique to your version of events. May Ghostlight guide your path. 

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Sworn by Ghostlight

is a GM-less game intended for solo play – or co-op with two investigators – over one to two sessions. It is designed to be printed as a tri-fold pamphlet TRPG. All you need for play is a six-sided dice, 2 ten-sided dice, and some pen & paper.

You play an Occult Detective in the haunted, Victorian-London inspired city of Mónaþstone, where the moon’s cracked surface bleeds Ghostlight onto the world, festering as ghosts, necromancy, and undeath.

Investigate locations & clues. Interrogate suspects & witnesses. Fend off assailants. Solve the investigation and close the case. The culprit – their motive, means, & opportunity – are not predetermined in a Sworn by Ghostlight game. Rather, the clues you gather help you to envision them. When you feel you have all the information you need, make the final reveal & close the case.
But, will you catch the real culprit, or is there more to the case? Are they out there still, even now? Play to find out.

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