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A system-agnostic hexcrawl for your favourite fantasy TTRPG

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Sunlands is a system-agnostic hexcrawl zine, intended for use with your favourite fantasy roleplaying game. There’s a map, a brief overview, and over three hundred hexes of stuff for players to encounter, fight, befriend, betray, murder, loot, or run the hell away from. All in 32 pages (give or take — I haven’t done the layout yet) and for a price best described as ‘beans’.

But you should know before backing that this isn’t going to be some slick, high-production-value zine made by professionals! This is an old-style, rough-and-ready, slightly wonky zine! (Still made by a professional though.) I can promise you glorious content such as:

  • A sphinx whose ‘riddles’ are terrible puns, a sphinx whose ‘riddles’ are surrealist nonsense, and a third sphinx who thinks the other two are affronts to sphingine renown and will pay you good money to kill them.
  • A cult of insect-worshipping elves who are unable to sleep or meditate, and who are tripping balls at all times.
  • Goblins riding war goats.
  • Judgement engines.
  • The swamp kraken!

On the other hand, I can also promise art like this:

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