Enter Dracula’s world with the StokerVerse Roleplaying Game.

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Torn from the dark imagining of Dacre Stoker, Chris McAuley and artist Clint Langley, the StokerVerse is based on the manuscripts of the all-time master of horror fiction Bram Stoker.

In the StokerVerse Roleplaying Game you are drawn into a dark and twisted universe. Faced with terrors from the harsh realities of the Victorian period and the ever-present shadows of the era, you have the unenviable task of facing the Vampire courts, the Werewolf clans and the terrible denizens of the shadows. Save those you can, as you walk in the same gaslight as the Ripper, Hyde and Frankenstein’s Monster…can you stop them before they end you!

You play all manner of person, from many different walks of life. You might be an assistant vampire hunter, local bobby, a member of the gentry, clergy or a medical professional. You might be a commoner who has seen too much or a psychic who sees too far…the choice is yours. Your rag-tag band of investigators must work together to uncover the true evils of the world and using your skills, status or secrets, thwart the agents of darkness from succeeding at their vile plan.

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