Station-Bound Semitones – An Orbital Blues Adventure

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Station-bound Semitones is an adventure module of Orbital Blues and includes a series of 8 space stations with loosely connected sidequests and recurring characters. Those recurring characters include popular Fusion Jazz band, The Renegade Six (whose adventures are inspired by the Runaway Five from the SNES classic Earthbound). 

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The Renegade Sisters are one of the hottest bands in the galaxy, but when their manager dumps their contract on a shady Foundation on some station orbiting a Black Hole, their La Grange Point tour comes to a grinding halt.

Unless they get some help, the tour will stop before it even starts. However, they’re always open to creative solutions from some sad space cowboys. 


Whenever the Crew arrives at one of the Stations in this module, they inevitably catch up with the Band at another stop on the ill-fated “La Grange Point tour”. The tour arranged to play at several space stations across multiple sectors of space.

The station includes major attractions at all 8 stations, as well as a generator and general guidance for creating your own space stations and stellar cities.

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