So You’ve Been Chump-Dumped


You thought you got lucky. 

Now, stuck in the airlock with the other marks, you couldn’t feel lower. Then the warning lights flash. You hear a loud clunk, and your stomach sinks. In a blink, you’re all gulped into the nothing beyond with a brief whoosh.

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Stars spin as you tumble through space, screaming promises of violence upon the friend who said they knew the perfect guy, who turned you into a doomed chump. The sounds just rattle around inside your helmet. Your only hope is this vaccsuit you were lucky enough to save for, or inherit, or steal and paranoid enough to don before leaving solid ground.

So You’ve Been Chump-Dumped is a one-shot adventure pamphlet for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership that begins with the players having been scammed on cheap jump ship tickets and ejected into space. Saved at the last minute by a mysterious force pulling them into the covert research ship Blacklens, the players find it in disarray, and most of the crew are missing. In search of survivors and an escape route, they’ll have to contend with a gravitational distortion that may be hunting them and, of course, whatever left the walls coated in a mealy pink paste…

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