Skill Points

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An RPG Zine about learning through play

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Skill Points is a zine focused on learning skills by playing role-playing games. It includes contributions from seven game designers, each of whom takes a different approach to the theme. This holistic approach includes RPG content to use at the table, advice on how RPGs can help to develop new skills, and reports from designers who have used RPGs as a teaching method.

What’s Inside

  • An editorial by Daniel Kwan on his experience running a program that uses D&D to teach students at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
  • A piece on teaching socialization and communication skills by Orion Black.
  • An article by Dr. Jason Cox that describes how bleed between identities as a professional educator and an in-game mentor can contribute to pedagogical understandings.
  • “Puzzlemancy,” a guide to making more engaging puzzles for TTRPGs by Jesse Gazic.
  • An article by Jillian Wakarchuk on using physical objects in RPGs to develop creative problem solving skills.
  • A 5e adventure by Sam Hotchkiss that teaches the skill of knot-tying.
  • A short fantasy jail break scenario by Tim Hutchings which responds to the Kevin Allen Jr. game Primitive and Thorny Games’ Sign.

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