Shapes of Adventure: Inspirisles Anthology

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A collection of 9 pre-written adventures for the INSPIRISLES tabletop RPG. A5 perfect bound booklet.

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Shapes of Adventure is an anthology of 9 Questing Days to run alongside INSPIRISLES. This community project was written the talented Discord community members and features additional sign language material to compliment that original INSPIRISLES content.

INSPIRISLES features a unique system we have called Shaping. It allows participants to engage with Deaf culture and learn sign language (ASL and BSL included). It also forms the dice mechanic at the heart of the game, where you wield the elements to fight back Disbelief.

INSPIRISLES encourages teamwork at every turn. Only by Shaping can the party overcome the tests of our game. Belief Barriers are non-combative tests where our Pendragons must think up ways their elements can solve puzzles. Disbelief Battles are combative tests, where our Pendragons must pit their elements against a dangerous opponent.

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