You are an Engraved. Cursed to wander the shattered world of Obron, you seek the power to take back control of your fate. Explore Realms, kill Rune Lords, and carve the power of fate into your very being.

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What Is RUNE?

RUNE is a solo tabletop RPG inspired by the soulslike genre of video games, including Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring.

In RUNE, you are a wanderer of the lands of Obron. The world is dangerous, but full of power if you are willing to reach out and take it.

RUNE combines narrative exploration with tactical combat to capture the environmental storytelling and high stakes combat you love in soulslike games.

What’s Included

Ready to explore the worlds of Obron and carve fate into your being? Here’s what you get:

  •  RUNE Rulebook: Includes all of the rules for playing the game, as well as an example Realm for you to explore.
  •  Realm Atlas: Collection of 6 additional Realms for you to explore.

The Realm Atlas is a set of 6 Realms for you to explore. Each Realm has its own unique twists on the rules of the game. Filled with locations to explore, mysteries to uncover, and enemies to fight, the Realm Collection will keep your RUNE adventure going and going! The RUNE Rulebook includes one Realm, with the Atlas including a further 6 in PDF Form.

How It’s Played

RUNE cycles play between two modes: Exploration and Combat. The worlds of Obron are vast and filled with mystery, and threats to those who would explore them.

During Exploration, players explore unique regions teeming with secrets, ruins, and more. Each Realm in RUNE is represented with an overworld map. The player explores this area, seeking out the mysteries and power hidden away in every space. Travel is dangerous though, and the player will need to decide when to push forward, and when to pull back and seek a moment of peace.

Realms in RUNE are unique, and each one will bring new sets of enemies, rules, and most importantly, loot for the players to seek out. Challenges and exploration in RUNE will feel fresh as players wander from one Realm into the next.

As players find themselves facing off against the horrors that wander Obron, they enter Combat. Combat in RUNE is tactical, and takes place on a 4×4 grid. Enemies have movesets that are determined by dice rolls, telegraphing their intentions and giving you a moment to react. Players roll a Stamina pool and assign the dice to their weapons and other equipment, deciding the right reaction to the situation. Combat in RUNE is tense, dangerous, and a puzzle for the player to solve.

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