Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Sci-fi Toolkit


Blast off into an epic adventure with over 120 random tables!

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The Game Master’s Sci-Fi Toolkit

is the perfect tool for a GM faced with creative block while planning a sci-fi session, unexpected player questions at the tabletop, or a fluky dice roll that changes the course of their carefully-planned boss battle. Ensure your next sci-fi RPG adventure becomes an unforgettable odyssey by adding rich world-building detail, unexpected encounters and imaginative loot with over 100 pages of random tables.

Contents include:

  • Planet names and features
  • AI support systems
  • spaceship encounters
  • bounty notices
  • repair stations
  • stress effects
  • shore leave activities
  • alien leaders
  • parasites and their effects
  • chemicals and serums
  • cargo hold loot
  • custom weapons
  • and so much more!

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