Play a research assistant recruiting participants, collecting data, and performing weird tasks, before the study runs out of funding.

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A single-player tabletop roleplaying game. Using a notebook, a deck of playing cards, a six-sided die, a handful of tokens, and a tumbling block tower, you’ll explore how to conduct a normal research job while constantly being stymied by the paranormal – and you’ll tell a story about what conditions we’re prepared to accept in the name of making a living .

A collection of game equipment: a falling block tower, a six-sided die, ten orange tokens, a deck of cards with the 3 of Hearts turned over, and a notebook.

In Outliers , play is divided into different days. On each day, you draw cards from a deck, giving you a narrative prompt from your daily research tasks based on the suit of the card: Recruitment (♥), Consent & Screening (♦) , Data Collection (♣), and Miscellaneous (♠). For each task, you write down your response to the prompt and its questions in your lab notebook . The cards also often tell you to pull a block from the tower as things progress less well , thanks to the intervention of the supernatural, or the regulator, or your eldritch participants, or [REDACTED]————.

When the game ends, whether you’re prevented from continuing your research by the IRB or capitalism, or if you do, indeed, get to keep your job, then your lab notebook is the only record of how the lab fared through the research cycle . Will this change its fortunes in the future? Only you can decide (time traveling PIs excepted).

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