Molotov College

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Molotov College: confront your past, change the future!

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Molotov College

Molotov College is a TTRPG about super-powered drama. Inspired by superhero media like The Umbrella Academy, X-Men and Titans, you play as the alumni of a superhero school. The heroes have to deal with villains, ghosts, the authorities and the impending apocalypse, while having to confront their past trauma and overcome their differences.

No Dice, No Masters

This game uses the Belonging Outside Belonging system by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum. It is a GMless system that uses a token economy instead of dice, and characters don’t have numerical stats.

Number of players: 3-6

Time required: 2-4 hours (3-4 hours recommended)

The game is designed and written by W.H. Arthur, with art by Xrystina Marcos.

A 56-page PDF contains all the rules you need to play the game.

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