I was alone so I set a fire


Deep in the labyrinth, surrounded by stone and darkness, isolated and shivering, you struggle to find your way out. But you don’t have to face this alone. Brave the mazes and challenges, solve the puzzles and conundrums, light a fire, and find your fellow wanderers to escape from the depths.

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i was alone, so i set a fire 

A 2-4 player, collaborative, prompt-based dungeon crawler where players find themselves lost in an ever-shifting shifting labyrinth filled with danger and mystery. Players draw from a standard deck of playing cards to reveal rooms in the labyrinth, face challenges, find one another, and hopefully escape.

The Team

  • Designer: Brandon George
  • Editors: Jon Boyle & Reilly Qyote
  • Illustration: dan qui dam
  • Layout: Sam Zimmerman

This zine was created by the Far Horizons Co-op as part of the A Thousand Burning Stars series of small games. The project lead for this series was Marx Shepherd. Beyond Cataclysm are proud to be the UK publisher for this beautiful zine

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