Hopes and Dreams of the Orbital Bound


Life in space. It’s not the exciting adventure that the stories would have you believe. Sure, you’re floating in the black but day to day you’ve got jobs to do, friends to see and chores to complete. It’s all rather… normal. Life aboard the vast orbital Habitats of Tau Ceti is just that – everyday life.

Until something goes wrong and it takes a turn for the dramatic.

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Hopes and Dreams of the Orbital Bound is a slice of life sci-fi RPG about everyday moments when you just happen to live on a gigantic alien space station. It’s about the challenges of living amongst the stars and breaking away from normal to follow your Dream. The game is inspired by Becky Chamber’s character driven Wayfarer novels and Gregor Hutton’s cyberpunk game Remember Tomorrow. It is stand alone part of the Dyson Eclipse, a growing collection of games and adventures that follow humanity as they travel to the stars and explore the mysterious mega-structures they discover in orbit around Tau Ceti. Each game in the setting is designed to stand alone while also slowly revealing the secrets of Tau Ceti and the gigantic Arrays that orbit the star.

Hopes and Dreams of the Orbital Bound features a rotating Narrator, who frames scenes to introduce new PCs, showcase the growth of an existing PC or to challenge another players PC using the Situations and Factions developed during play. Scenes are resolved with a simple 3d10 roll under system. Individual dice may be modified down to d8s through the use of positive conditions or raised to d12s in the face of negative conditions that may hamper the chance of success.

As play progresses each character will grow, face setbacks and build or break relationships in pursuit of their Dream. As individual characters come and go life on the Habitat and across the Tau Ceti system continues one story at a time.

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