Goblin Country

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“At the heart of every goblin, from the meekest moss-botherer to the stoutest thing-smith, is the call to adventure. Whether it’s spelunking into ancient ruins, stealing herbs from human settlements or meeting strange friends, mishaps, misadventures and mayhem are simply everyday life for goblins. And lucky for you, your gang’s caught wind of something strange – something that might make the biggest adventure any goblin’s ever been on!”

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Goblin Country is a game about adventure, magic, and family in a wide, wild world. Made in the GM-less Belonging Outside Belonging system, Goblin Country features five distinct playbooks, six setting elements and a Countdown Clock system designed to bring every session to a climactic finish.

Everything about Goblin Country’s world is yours to develop and play with in the group. A collaborative map-making exercise at the beginning of the game is designed to help the table create a world your goblins will love to explore. Working through your playbooks, you’ll help stitch together an image of your clan, building up shared experiences and a complex tapestry of owed favours and family relations. Casting your eyes to the world outside, you’ll breathe life into contentious kobolds, pesky adventurers and the disaffected gods of Goblinkind, long estranged from their worshippers.

Once you’re done making your world, work together with the other players to bring your goblins on their latest, greatest adventure. Whether it’s stealing rare spices from the larders of storm giants, looking for pretty flowers to press into their scrapbook or going on a raft cruise down the lake, wherever the goblins go, the Countdown Clock will ensure that peril isn’t far behind them. But all goblins know that with a good plan, some smarts and a healthy dollop of luck there’s nothing they can’t overcome. After all, the higher the stakes, the better the story will be at campfire tonight!

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