Games Greeting Cards by the Dark Imp


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Give a card that’s also a game! Six greetings cards created by Ellie Dix from the Dark Imp, at less cost each than you’ll often spend on a single card in a shop!

SIX GAMES: Each greetings card contains a different game.
BIG GAMES IN SMALL PACKAGES: Games use modern board game mechanics including worker placement and programming. There’s even a cooperative legacy game.
RANGE OF PLAYER COUNTS & ACCESSIBILITIES: Games range from solo play to large group games, from very accessible to much more ‘gamery’. So there’s something to give to everyone.
AFFORDABLE: You can buy one pack of six for yourself, or buy in bulk to send out to all your friends & family.
BRILLIANTLY GIFTABLE: Send a card that’s also a game. You can buy a  Christmas-themed set of cards or a non-specific set – or both!


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