Finem Mundi (FM)

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FM is a single page single player RPG about fighting against a gigantic creature in your mech that has ended mankind. It uses playing cards and D12 dice.

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The world has ended around you.

A cosmic force decimated everything, reducing skyscrapers to ash and humanity to a wave of blood. Titanic creatures were set upon the earth by unseen forces and you were the last defense against it. You sit in your cabin, trapped in your mech. Wading through a sea of blood, the carcases of monuments built by man jutting from the plasma like the fingers of a drowning crew.

In front of you is the last eldritch kaiju. Its body made of crimson chitin and ridged cartilage. The spines filling its mouth shine, slick with gore as you square it up, uneasy on the remaining fuel you have left. You may very well be the last human left alive, but you aren’t going down so easy.

This game is extremely hard but extremely fun and good to play on short trips.

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