Extraction from Demon-F****d Cleveland, 1996


Extraction From Demon-F****d Cleveland 1996 is a modern indie reimagining of the 1981 movie Escape from New York, where New York City’s Manhattan has become a maximum security prison, and the President’s President’s plane was downed by the convicts.

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Twenty years ago, Gregory Hines, using occult forces, successfully managed to create a rift between worlds and summoned the demon Queen Sharamuth to this world—ushering hell on Earth, encompassing the Cleveland, Ohio, metropolitan area, which is now firmly in the grasp of the Demon Queen. The metroplex is cordoned off and declared enemy-occupied territory. Three days ago, the President’s plane went down in the zone, and your team must infiltrate, rescue the President and extract them safely; you have four hours, and the clock is ticking!

This is a super short and tightly written product; as such, it is not a complete game but rather a scenario and thematic vision that can be used with any game engine of your choice that supports the theme of Extraction From Demon-F****d Cleveland 1996. It provides Gamemasters with all the necessary information to immerse players into this dark and dangerous theme, including location and adversary descriptions, all the while being system-neutral and containing no mechanical elements unless you count “clocks” that are meant to simply and efficiently regulate the time; keeping the story moving. With no mechanical information being presented, there will come a time that Gamemasters may need to do a little “hacking” to make it fit their chosen game system. In particular, when it comes to stats for adversaries.

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