Escape from Sherwood


Set amidst the tangled roots and twisted trees of Sherwood Forest, an epic adventure awaits you in Escape From Sherwood. Only you control your fate as you step into the shoes of the hero and roll the dice of destiny…

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When you joined Robin Hood’s band of vagrants, you promised to be loyal until the end. Now, you have the chance to prove that as you step into the forest on a bitterly cold winter’s night. Your mission is simple: find and ambush the Sheriff of Nottingham. But, unfortunately, the forest is home to a host of strange and magical things, many of which mean you harm.

Escape From Sherwood is the first in the Pick Your Path Adventures series where you, the reader, take control of the story. You decide which paths to take, when to fight and when to flee. Take notes of everything you see, but always remember to choose carefully…

Based on the success of the dyslexia-adapted Monstacademy series, the Pick Your Path Adventure series has been formatted to be more accessible to all readers, including those with dyslexia and Irlen syndrome.

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