ENI – A Simple Framework for ‘Any’ rpg. Play the role you seek, quickly and easily.

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ENI (pronounced “any”) is a super-light, role playing game rule set suitable for any setting, big on shared narrative, quick and easy to start, ideal for ANY player or wannabe GM. ENI is also a framework for experience role players to build upon. Comes complete with character sheet.

ENI is simple and quick to learn. New and experienced players can internalize and remember the ruleset easily. This frees you up to focus on being present in the story. This is further enhanced if you are playing with physical dice. The visual and tactile representation of your dwindling potential is visceral and easy to see.

ENI is easy to play. The situation your character is in will let you know when you need to push and roll that D20. Or pull back and plan your escape. Or ramp up the other characters to make the quest more than just a cakewalk. And if you don’t know, you soon will. The rules are that simple.

ENI is inclusive and cooperative. Players can assist each other by spending a die roll or spending an eni to add to an existing roll. When your character is low on dice, others can and will have to step in and roll their precious dice. This gives quiet players time to shine, and usually save the day.

ENI is fast and in the moment. There is a very free form initiative order, so nothing slows down during the action. If you don’t take an action, the other characters should have acted by now. Players who want a more rigid turn order can try to have one, but there is nothing to stop a bored player from jumping in.

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