Dimday Red: Comic


Choose your deadly mutation or faction and take your place in a world socially divided, doomed to be consumed by the Sun in 52 years. This listing is for the first Dimday Red comic zine that was issued to accompany the quickstart rules.

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What would you do if the world ended in 52 years?

Earth’s orbit has been perturbed, causing the planet to slowly move towards the sun for the past 47years. The phenomenon was originally named Terrestrial Orbit Lapse, but is widely called the Lapse.

The rising heat melted the pole glaciers sinking most of Europe and other parts of the world. As enormous waves of environmental refugees tried to reach safety, a new wave of colonization took place. Europe once more descended on Africa, forming the dominant Paneuropa. Since the first years of the Lapse, newly formed electromagnetic fields around the globe deemed all electronic equipment useless, sending the technological status of humankind back to the first days of the industrial revolution.

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