D&D: Monster Manual (5e)


If you’re a Dungeon Master for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, you need the Monster Manual by your side! This is a hardback book by Wizards of the Coast, and it is going to become your best friend. It’s also going to become the product your players love to hate!

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Dungeons and Dragons is a global smash of a tabletop role-playing game. A group of you play as an allied party of adventures in a classic fantasy setting. One player, meanwhile, is the Dungeon Master, and it’s their job to weave the adventure together. They’re the conduit between action and the players’ decisions. Their job is to run all the other creatures in the heroes’ world – and some of them are ‘bad guys’…

Whether playing an official D&D adventure or designing your own homebrew setting, the rules remain. You need to populate the world with monsters. Not all are fantastical, of course. Some are mundane, some are humanoid, but some are off-the-wall nightmares! The Monster Manual features a whole array of monsters that you can throw into encounters. Listed for each creature are their six core stats. (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.)

Also listed are their movement, languages and traits. Each creature has some background and lore about them too, helping DMs know how to roleplay them. Your aim, remember, is to dream up how best to fit them into a campaign in an organic, awesome manner. Most important of all, though, are their Hit Points, Challenge Rating, and Attack(s). You need to pay attention to the Challenge Rating, in particular, to make it at least a fair(-ish) fight for your party’s current level!

With the Monster Manual by their side, no DM will ever be short of ideas for their next D&D session. Note that this Monster Manual is compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (5e).

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