D&D: Dungeon Masters Guide (5e)


If you’re a Dungeon Master playing Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll love The Dungeon Master’s Guide. This is a hardback book by Wizards of the Coast, which features a whole range of tips and tricks for practising DMs. Are you a total beginner? Or have you been honing your craft for a while? Either way, The Dungeon Master’s Book does one thing above all others. It inspires!

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Inspirations is a vital part of being a Dungeon Master. Sometimes you might feel concerned that you don’t have anything cool planned for your next D&D session. Not to fear! The Dungeon Master’s Guide is here! This 320-page book has got you covered.

There’s details and suggestions in here to build your own world from the ground up. (You can base it off official locations pre-created by Wizards of the Coast, or design your own home-brew locations!) Want to build your own factions? Settlements? Gods? All the ingredients you need to design such things wait within the pages!

Also inside are tips on how to create fun encounters; how to build a campaign; and activities that might occur between adventures (‘downtime’). There’s details about treasure, and how to invent your own treasure. There’s 80 detailed pages about official magic items! And if they’re not enough, there’s also suggestions about how you can dream up your own magical artifacts…

An important part of DMing is running the game, itself. Of course, The Dungeon Master’s Guide helps with this regard, too. Want to know about chases? Diseases? Poisons? Madness? It’s all in here! If you’re a Dungeon Master who wants to turn things up a notch, you need The Dungeon Master’s Guide on your side of the screen.

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