d36: Issue 1


d36 is a zine of strange RPG content that doesn’t comfortably fit anywhere else. The first issue is visceral, bloody, and violent.

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d36 is a zine full of: Random tables. Micro-systems. New games. Spells for your OSR dragon game of choice. The content inside d36 is as varied and eclectic as the creators designing it.

Content Warning: body horror, decapitation, violent revolution, and referenced self-harm.

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Strange Things Come From The Forest of Trees That Bleed, adventure prompts by Sinta Posadas.
  • Things The Meat Says, prophecies for the discerning haruspex by Cat Evans.
  • The Meatbox, a weird ultraviolent magic item and set of new spells of gross body horror for OSR games by Samuel Mui Shen Ern.
  • Soil The Colour of Blood, worldbuilding through dead bodies by Matt Sanders.
  • His Worship Who Sings In Vermillion Cloisters, a tour of the Incarnadine Abbey and the people you meet there by Oliver Darkshire.
  • Bonespurt, monsters of uncontrolled growth by Alex Clippinger.
  • The Haematurge, a blood magic playbook for a game that doesn’t exist by Chris Bissette.
  • The Streets Will Run Red, a storytelling game of revolution and decapitation by Lore Evans.
  • Just Gals Being Comrades, a GMless game about romance and violent uprisings by Jessica Marcrum.
  • Behold Affliction, folk horror short fiction by Alex Caton.

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