Cthulhu Hack (Hardcover)


Cthulu Hack 2nd Edition – Hardcover

A standalone role-playing game of investigation and cosmic horror in Lovecraft’s sanity-shattering universe.

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What is Cthulhu Hack?

Cthulhu Hack is a traditional tabletop role-playing game. Friends sit around a table – or meet online – and narrate stories; as the Player, who acts the part of a character in the story, or as the Gamemaster (GM), who sets the scene, leads the tale, plays the part of non-player characters (the extras), and keeps order.

Cthulhu Hack isn’t tied to a specific time period or location.

Why Cthulhu Hack?

Role-playing offers a lot of games in Lovecraft’s mythos, but Cthulhu Hack focuses on simple, accessible rules and mechanics designed to emulate the slow spiral of self-destruction that dominates the original tales. Campaigns becomes about the over-arching threat against the whole of humankind, rather than the insignificant lives of just a few investigators.

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