Creepy Creature Double Feature

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Two spooky RPGs for Halloween. Ghostly goings on in “Old School Ghosts” & monster madness in “Punklins”. Do you dare to play?

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Creepy Creature, Double Feature is an exciting, rules light, pair of RPG games for 2 to 6 players, that allows you to go wild with spooky Punklin and Old School inspired action. Here at Red Oaks Creative, we take our Halloween seriously, and we want you to join us in a spooky and scary double feature of nightmarish games!

Are you in for a trick or a treat when you open the book to choose? Will you play Old School Ghosts first, a homage to the Old School genre, with classic art and monsters from the early days of role-playing games, guaranteed to have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on edge.

Or will you play Punklins, where the villagers of Muckdrizzle once a year leave out treats for the denizens of the nearby woods, who they call Punklins. But, sometimes, things don’t always go as planned…

Whichever you play first, we promise you a terrifying time!

What’s in the game?
Creepy Creature, Double Feature comes with all the rules you need to:
– Play both games this Halloween
– Design your own Monsters for maximum replay value
– Create fantastic characters

The game comes with a full set of rules for the game. We’ve based the rules on our SpiralsRPG system, which is already finished and available for download at itch.
SpiralsRPG is a rules light (but fully played and tested) RPG system with an innovative dice pool system and allows players and GMs to be up and running in under five minutes. SpiralsRPG is already receiving great reviews and is being used to make exciting a fresh RPGs, as this quote from “Moist Daniel” will testify (hey, we don’t get to choose characters’ names!).

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