Coiled Space


Harvest energy in a disintegrating universe – a 1-4 player zine-sized journaling RPG

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Æther Corp congratulates you, brave employee, on making it through our rigorous training programme!

We’re so glad you have managed to retain most of your bodily organs/higher brain functions (* delete as applicable) with minimal anomalies entwined with your valuable genetic code.

We are proud to offer you a new/used/decrepit (*) craft of small/medium/large (*) proportions in a wonderful/adequate/functioning (*) state fitted with the latest in Jump® technology and storage coils in which to join our irreplaceable fleet of Harvesters, journey to distant star systems, and gather the last remnants of energy  from our sadly doomed galactic neighbours.

Return with a full complement of coils to prolong our time in this corner the æther and be Highly Rewarded. Should you spaghettify or otherwise due to the utterly uncontrollable universe-spanning anomalies fear not! We will send out your successor immediately to continue your diligent operation.

It is undoubtedly incredibly fortunate that we discovered Jump® technology barely a moment before the fabric of the cosmos decided to tear itself apart…

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