Chronicles from the World of Guilt


What is Guilt?

Is it an enormous flying whale? Maybe an alien, come from deep space to punish us? Some call it an angel or a god, others a demon.

What nobody can deny is that it is the end.

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Chronicles from the World of Guilt

is a collection of short stories framed as a history of Earth after being devastated by an enormous whale like creature from outer space. It blends philosophical debates about the nature of humanity with adventure, body horror and the delightful absurdity that Durston is fast becoming well-loved for.

While the stories lend themselves to being read as one cohesive unit (as some of them connect or call back to previous sections, building on the history of Durston’s ever-changing world), the book can also be dipped in and out of without losing the sense of scale and mastery of worldbuilding taking place within its pages.

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