Chega de Saudade – An Orbital Blues Adventure


Chega de Saudade is an adventure for Orbital Blues, a sad space western about Interstellar Outlaws trying to make ends meet in the corporate dominated dustbowl of the Frontier Galaxy.

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“I want to see the golden shores of my old home, feel its warm sands on my feet, hear the bittersweet melodies, the ones sang to me in bedtime stories by sobbing workers. Day and night the people of Tradis station toil away, forced to clean the planet-side wasteland that the corp calls the “future of living.”

We are tired, angry and dying. We have nostalgia for a home that is unknown to us. This is not a strike. This a call for help. Bring us home, outlaws. Chega de Saudade.”

Written by Giuliano Roverato and illustrated by Orbital Blues co-creator Josh Clark, Chega de Saudade presents an adventure that explores themes of home, nostalgia, place and being. Your Interstellar Outlaws will visit Tradis station and discover the meaning of Saudade, know the plight of its workers, and be tempted by corporate money beyond their wildest dreams. Here, you can’t save everyone.

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