Brutal Imperilment in the Bag of Infinite Holding


Brutal Imperilment in the Bag of Infinite Holding is an adventure medolue for Hypertellurians that required the party to enter into an interconnected network of magical bags. Add in a simple premise—the queen has lost possessions and court staff (and her favorite poddle “Duchess”) down the bags—and voilà.

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Spelunk into a wild network of interconnected and nested magical bags.

An adventure and toolkit for Hypertellurians and all fantasy roleplaying games.

The queen has lost the crown jewels and her beloved poodle Duchess down her magical bag of infinite holding. Many have tried to enter it and retrieve her majesty’s prized possessions. Will you be the ones to finally succeed?

This adventure is bags of fun, and can be adapted to play over one or several sessions, thanks to its toolkit approach. Inside you will find:

  • 29 imaginative locations
  • 7 pre-made characters to play or use as NPCs
  • 50 thematically appropriate random finds of all shapes and sizes
  • Loads of art by Alysa Avery, Frank “Mottokrosh” Reding, and Luka Rejec

Quiver at these everhandy sacks holding bags of marvels!

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