Before Fire


A tabletop comedy RPG about hitting things with clubs and roleplaying like a cave dweller!

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Are you a hairless ape that knows 2-4 other hairless apes?  Do you know at least 30-ish words in your primary language? 

Do you like throwing shiny, polyhedral stones around and grunting in approval at the symbols that end up on top? 

Then congratulations, you’re ready to be a cave dweller!


Before Fire is a comedy RPG designed for “pick up and play” one-shots. During a session, you and your friends take on the roles of Stone Age hunter-gatherers, sent on a great quest to save your tribe. Using your limited vocabulary and teamwork, you must triumph over such terrifying challenges as sabretooth tigers, stampeding herds of megafauna, and the 100% historically-accurate dinosaur riders.


Most of the comedy and the challenge of the game comes from roleplaying like a cave dweller. In Before Fire, the number of words in your cave dweller’s vocabulary is super limited. In most RPGs, that would be only a minor challenge, because most of your dialogue is narration (e.g. “I run up to the wolf and hit it with my axe!”), but in Before Fire, your narration is also limited to the words you know (e.g. “Me smash woof-woof!”).

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