Apawthecaria: A Poultice Pounder Adventure is a game about tiny animals going on massive adventures. a cosy solo RPG From the mind of Anna Blackwell

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Welcome back to the Bristley Woods! Humans are gone, lost to legend and remembered only by their ruins and the little creatures that survive them. In their place, animals have built towns, founded guilds, and created a civilisation of their own where beasts of all kinds can live in relative harmony.

In this cosy solo RPG, you take on the role of a Poultice Pounder, a beast with knowledge of ailments and their cures. It’s your job to travel the post-human landscape of the Bristley Woods, visiting ailing beasts and foraging for the reagents needed to cure them, all while working towards the end of a grand Seasonal Journey.

Apawthecaria is a blend of Apothecaria and Scurry! Go on a potion-making, road-tripping, friend-making adventure with some of these exciting features:

– A detailed map of the Bristley Woods, using Travel mechanics inspired by FTL!
– Social Encounters that spice up the settlements and cities.
– Barter for Reagents in markets atop trees and in deep warrens.
– Upgrade your Tools and Waggons.
– Bring along a trusted Familiar to help you on your way.
– Befriend quirky Companion bugs!
– Experience detailed encounters that make each Season throughout the year feel and play differently.
– Multiplayer playbooks, for 2 – 15+ players!
– With beautiful artwork from a smorgasbord of amazing artists, a gorgeous layout by Brian Tyrrell, and 200+ pages of Ailments, Reagents, Encounters and more to explore, Apawthecaria will delight newcomers and Apothecaria veterans alike.

You do not need Apothecaria or Scurry! to play Apawthecaria. It is a stand-alone game with its own ruleset.

Apawthecaria and the Bristley Woods are based on Loch Lomond & The Trossachs, located on the West Coast of Scotland (just north of Glasgow). This national park holds a special place in our hearts, especially for Anna who spends most of her summers hillwalking and paddleboarding out there.


New Rules, Revisions, and Almanack – Brian Tyrrell & Anna Blackwell
Editing – Brian Tyrrell & Fiona Geist
Layout & Art Direction – Brian Tyrell
Original Apothecaria System – Anna Blackwell
Bristley Woods Setting – Brian Tyrrell
Illustrations –
Aimee Lockwood / @aimeedraws
Anine Bosenberg/ @aninebosenberg
AnneMarie Rogers / @pineapplestogo
Atlanta Pritchard-Barrett / @AlpacaScribbles
Bern Lehtinen / @BerneriART
Cecilia Ferri / @ceciliaferri
Ell J Walker / @EllJWalker
Eli Spencer / @goyagoat
Ema Acosta / @spookymeal
Jenny Mure / @littlemure
Paige Brooklyn / @rookdaw
VER / @verface
Brian Tyrrell/ @LoathsomeBrian

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