A Folklore Bestiary (5e Edition)


From the nerds who bring you KNOCK! magazine, here comes A Folklore Bestiary, a 160 pages hardback book full of whimsical, spooky creatures inspired by actual folktales and superstitions. This is a compendium for the Fifth Edition of the game we all know and love or Old-School Essentials.

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We’ve got giants, we’ve got faeries, we’ve got weird magical beasts. And we’ve got more than one titanic beast that’ll get the Tarasque run for its life! But more importantly, we have the tales these monsters come from. For every one of them, we’ve included one to three pages of gameable material: adventure hooks, magical items, spells, dungeons and hexcrawls, and more!

We all know that for a gamemaster, having an encounter is better than just a monster. But we Mushfolk are of the opinion that an adventure is better than an encounter. Our bestiary gives you exactly that: enough material to design whole scenarios around each monster.

5E Friends! While we do play Fifth Edition (quite a lot of it actually for some of us), we realise we’re not experts of its intricacies. So we’ve enlisted veteran designer Islayre d’Argolh to make up for our lack of expertise in monster stat blocks.

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