30 Days of MÖRK BORG Vol. 5


30 Days of MÖRK BORG, Adventure Chapbook Vol. 5 is an independent production by Rugose Kohn and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

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Three adventures of subterranean mayhem. Face off against interdimensional horrors, a drug-fueled cult and their terrifying god, and the unrelenting predation of the Mutant Centipede Thing!

In The Festering Pit, explore the depths of an abandoned mine beneath a pathetic Wästland town. Discover the interdimensional horrors hidden within the mine’s depths in a futile race against time that only makes the foe more fearsome.

The Hungering Chasm is perfect as an expanded roadside encounter or low-prep game. Squeal with evil delight as PCs run for their lives through a procedurally generated cave complex while pursued by a relentless hunter. With high risks come great rewards! Finally,

The Dusk Funnel asks your party to plumb the abyss of a Tveland hole. Deep inside the bowels of the Dying World — a twisted cult of filthy mud-worshippers, their potent drug business, and the vengeance-seeking god they worship.

As always, includes; new random tables, new items, new foes, and maybe even some new friends.

Written by Rugose Kohn

Art by Rugose Kohn and dead people

Editing and proofing by Walton Wood

Content warning, contains: body horror, claustrophobic spaces, drug references, extreme violence, and psychological distress.

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