What Is Roleplay?
What Is Roleplay?
What is Roleplay #11 - Design with Guilherme Gontijo

Welcome to Episode 11 of ‘What Is Roleplay?! 
This episode we are joined by Guilherme Gontijo to discuss Design

  • How design is very similar across the board, and how the differences often just come down to execution?
  • Why does design matter?
    • It is more than just style or a taste aesthetic
    • Design is more about translating ideas on the abstract plane into visuals
    • Good design helps roleplay games (RPG) creators to communicate the ideas, mood and feel of a game visually
    • You can fit a whole lot of fun into a small amount of space with good design
  • The DIY ethos and how the punk spirit has influenced the Indie RPG scene
  • Funding the beauty in both minimalist as well as heavily illustrated RPGs such as MÖRK BORG
  • The major importance of remaining faithful to ideas – starting at the essence of the idea and allowing it to inform the design. Making an alliance with the idea and not allowing outside influences to change it & allowing open ended questions to remain.
  • Italian ‘Giallo‘ horror movies and their influence on Gontijo’s game Blurred Lines
  • Listen as CM Lowry & Gontijo live design a new game where monks fall into temptation to one of the seven deadly sins and end up in a sepia hell where everyone is in perpetual motion. The working title? ‘No Rest for the Wicked!’

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