We like to be hopeful about dreams here at Beyond Cataclysm.

That means telling you what we’d love to be involved with, even if we haven’t got a clear plan yet.

That also means we’d like to hear about your hopes and dreams. Get in contact with us if you have an idea for a book, a book you have already finished, or just a book you think we should read!


isbn coffee

In 2022 we are going to put together a world first. The first ever coffee… with an isbn number!

That’s right. Working with the amazing independent coffee shop, Dick’s Bean Bar, we will be selling our own blend of coffee, perfectly designed for drinking whilst reading. And, attached to the coffee will be a short-but-sweet book for enjoying as you drink.

In the book, expect some:

  • Micro-fiction. Short prose, from several authors (including our own CM Lowry)
  • History. A five minute history of coffee from an expert in the field.
  • Art. Coffee related photography and art.
  • Role play games! Our friends at Press-Pot Games are going to write some tiny RPG to play whilst the caffetiere brews
  • Poetry. Several caff and decaff poetry options!

Interested in being involved? Why not head to the submission page…

our hopes


  • My first novel! I wrote a novel last year and I’m planning on printing it next year – it’s called To get out of a Headlock. It’s about a post-apocalyptic Wales, and has loads of Welsh in it. I don’t actually speak Welsh. That was probably a poor decision.
  • A sci-fi short story compilation. I have a weird idea of a dice-roll based short stories anthology. It would have 6-10 authors, where we roll dice on tables decided by supporters of the book, and each author writes a chapter leading on from the previous one, with some key elements chosen by the dice rolls.
  • A punk rock recipe book. One involving bands, and photos, vegan food and non vegan food, and hopefully trifle.
  • Something poetic involving mountains. One of the most moving and spiritual-yet-totally-non-spiritual books I read last year was The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd. It is about the Cairngorms and I read it whilst up a mountain. I’d love to be involved in something that was even 20% as lovely.
  • Kids books! Stories involving dragons and treehouses and punk rock and pizza!


  • A collection of short stories. Creating PAPERCUTS has given me to confidence to try creating a collection of my own short fiction – a personal goal for me to write and design in the near future.
  • A music magazine. I’ve enjoyed creating print layouts so much that I want to try creating an aesthetically pleasing A4 magazine, where the focus is more on the design than the text. I chance to build my creative skills as well as producing a high-quality product.
  • Addiction. I’m keen to write about addiction – maybe not your standard quit lit, but an insight into the world of a punk questioning their life choices. Self-indulgent? Yes, but hopefully relatable too.
  • Grassroots DIY culture. Outside of my own work, I want to support other projects from writers and musicians, share knowledge and ideas, and encourage others to do their best work.


  • ISBN Pizza. Yep, we haven’t even finished ISBN Coffee but why not, our love for pizza is as strong as our love for coffee!
  • Dystopian Futures lyrics zine. One of my biggest writing outlets is via lyrics and I would love to have the opportunity to gather then all together and do some fun layouts. Does anyone read lyrics anymore though?
  • Something collaberative with tons of punk bands from across the globe. Mad tour stories about the worst experience they had in the van or that show when one person came to the gig, thinking they were going to see Coldplay. That kinda thing
  • A photobook of pictures of bins. Because I think there is beauty to be found in exceptionally mundane settings. And because it would drive Chris mental.