what’s coming next?

We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline…

tyrannosaur inside

A Monstrous Quest Inside A Giant T-Rex by CM Lowry.
An upcoming Role Play Game adventure featuring far too many T-Rexs and the opportunity to get to know your Tyrannosaur self better.
Is currently live on Kickstarter and Itch.io for crowd-funding!

Kickstarter link:

Itch.io link:

isbn coffee

ISBN Coffee - The First Coffee in the world... ...to have its own ISBN number? With a companion book filled with coffee-based poetry, stories and games.Coffee! Love it? Hate it? Vague sense of nonchalance about it? If so, we want you!

Beyond Cataclysm is undertaking an new project: We are going to make world’s first Coffee with its own ISBN number! A lovely bag of specially chosen Cuban Serrano Coffee with an accompanying book. ISBN Coffee!

We are looking for written submissions – anything you like really – a story about the awful hogwash you’re nan used to give you when you asked for a coffee, an account of that time you visited Damascus and got you’re first taste of a true Arabian brew, a diatribe on how much you hate the damn stuff – so that we can put together a fun book to accompany our select blend from Dick’s Bean Bar. Poetry, Microfiction, Recipes, RPGs – anything!

Interested? Drop us a line on via the contact page.