what’s coming next?

We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline…

ISBN Coffee

ISBN Coffee - The First Coffee in the world... ...to have its own ISBN number? With a companion book filled with coffee-based poetry, stories and games.Coffee! Love it? Hate it? Vague sense of nonchalance about it? If so, we want you!

Beyond Cataclysm is undertaking an new project: We are going to make world’s first Coffee with its own ISBN number! A lovely bag of specially chosen Cuban Serrano Coffee with an accompanying book. ISBN Coffee!

We are looking for written submissions – anything you like really – a story about the awful hogwash you’re nan used to give you when you asked for a coffee, an account of that time you visited Damascus and got you’re first taste of a true Arabian brew, a diatribe on how much you hate the damn stuff – so that we can put together a fun book to accompany our select blend from Dick’s Bean Bar. Poetry, Microfiction, Recipes, RPGs – anything!

Interested? Drop us a line on via the contact page.



MÖRK ORG is an RPG game set in the MÖRK BORG world, but adding the mindless drudgery of the office environment.

Imagine grim & dark fantasy, but with the addition of possessed photocopiers and HR departments.

Introducing the denizens of Galgenbeck to the mindless drudgery of the office environment. MÖRK BORG & CY_BORG compatible.

Follow the pre-launch page on Kickstarter now –

MÖRK ORG – Wretched Office Space in a Hopeless Place by Beyond Cataclysm Games — Kickstarter

VISIONS: Build Your Own…

An all new cut & paste zine with content to encourage your own creative journey and a hashtag to share them with us! Coming spring 2024

Screaming Punk Planet: The Record Collectors Guide to Weird Hardcore

Brand new punk zine from the universe of Screaming Punk Planet. Short form record reviews peeling past the toughened veneer of hardcore punk to find the weird and wonderful gems within.