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Papercuts #1 (Reprint) – BC001

Available to pre-order NOW at Shout-Louder.com…

PAPERCUTS #1 features 90+ pages of stories, essays and photography. It was originally printed by Shout Louder in 2019, and sold out almost instantly, hence this lovely opportunity to reprint it.

This is a special collaboration between people from all different areas of the punk rock community: bands, fans and all things in between. We’re fortunate to be united through music, and we’ve attempted to condense some of that special bond into these pages.

Whether it’s finding love, overcoming loss, leaving home or finding a tribe, once you’re part of the DIY community it’s hard to see life any other way. Celebrate and commemorate that feeling with this lovely bumper print zine.

The zine includes written contributions from 30 authors: amusing anecdotes, fond memories, engaging stories, imaginative poems and many relatable tales. It also features photography from three of Manchester’s finest: Jim Taylor, Josh Sumner (Cold Front Photography) and Tim Bevington (Hold My Pint).

Featuring contributions from:

  • Ben Adsett (Thirsty & Miserable Zine)
  • Martin Appleby (Paper & Ink Zine)
  • Mark Boniface (Harker)
  • Colin Clark (Colin’s Punk Rock World)
  • Matt Clarke (Vanilla Pod)
  • Rob Day (Misgivings / Bitterman)
  • Marc Gartner (Punxellated Zine)
  • Abi Gordon
  • Alex Graham (One Step Outside Records)
  • Nat Gyll-Murray (Swansong, F. Emasculata)
  • Makky Hall (Broken Arrow Magazine)
  • Freddy Hardy
  • Sara Harrington
  • Gareth James (Second In Line)
  • Jake Jeremy
  • Emily Johnson (Bomb Ibiza)
  • Toni Lambert
  • Chris Lowry (Warrington Ska Punk, Beyond Cataclysm)
  • Lucias Malcolm (Call Me Malcolm)
  • Mark McConville
  • Graham Meldrum
  • Joe Molloy (Animal Byproducts)
  • Robyn Pierce (Colin’s Punk Rock World)
  • Dan Peters (RxR / Colin’s Punk Rock World)
  • Chris Snelgrove
  • Matt Speer (Ear Nutrition)
  • Ollie Stygall (Disgraceland)
  • Paul Taylor (Second In Line, Lights Go Out Zine)
  • Jude Williams
  • Sarah Williams (Shout Louder, Lockjaw Records, Beyond Cataclysm)

Papercuts #2 – BC002

Available to pre-order NOW at Shout-Louder.com…

PAPERCUTS #2 is a high-quality paperback book, featuring writing, artwork and photography from 50 contributors. Proceeds from the sale of PAPERCUTS will go to the Music Venue Trust.

Papercuts 2 Book CoverIn the absence of live music this year, I wanted to celebrate the special events, festivals and tours that we’ve shared in years past. I asked contributors to tell us what live music means to them, and to share stories of tours, festivals and gigs that have stuck in their memories.

The collection runs the gamut of grotty tour vans, sweaty basement shows and festival antics, with trips as far afield as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Argentina. Every story is as relatable as it is unique: a celebration of the unusual moments that always seem to happen on the road, and the ubiquitous energy that unites us at every live show, no matter the genre or the location.

Were you at the Download Riots of 2006? Have you been strip-searched by border control? Have you broken your hand in a human pyramid? Have you ruined a dentist’s life? Perhaps not, but you’ll feel like you have after reading this.

This is a 192 page collection of short stories, memories of tours and gigs, essays on the power of live music and a reminder of why we all love it so much. PAPERCUTS also includes brilliant live photography and artwork, with contributions from 50 different fans and artists.

If you’d like to save money on postage, PAPERCUTS #2 is available as a great value bundle with PAPERCUTS #1.

Featuring contributions from:

  • Mark Bartlett (Our Lives In Cinema)
  • Bee Bentall
  • Samantha Bevington
  • Giles Bidder (Great Cynics)
  • Carl Brewster (Lesser Known Character)
  • Dani & Bobble (Faintest Idea)
  • Jimmy Carroll (LITFO)
  • Colin Clark (Colin’s Punk Rock World)
  • Andy Davies (TNS Records, Knife Club)
  • Rob Day (Misgivings)
  • Gab De La Vega
  • Chris Fishlock
  • Dave Forman (Shackleford)
  • Kristian Garratt
  • Mof Gimmers (Wilderness Records)
  • Josh Goldman (The Raging Nathans, The Dopamines)
  • Nat Gyll-Murray (F. Emasculata, Swansong)
  • Amelia Hall
  • Makky Hall
  • Tom Houseman (Follow Your Dreams)
  • Nick Josten (The Bloodstrings)
  • Robin Leitch (Random Hand)
  • Chris Lowry (Warrington Ska Punk, Beyond Cataclysm)
  • Lucias Malcolm (Call Me Malcolm)
  • Jake McAllister (Sunliner)
  • Katie MF
  • Archie Moss (Incisions, Clayface)
  • Paúl Rivera (La Armada)
  • Jason Small
  • Paul Smith (Be Sharp)
  • Chris Snelgrove (The Last Mile)
  • Matt Speer (Ear Nutrition)
  • James Taylor
  • Adam Vallely
  • Sarah Williams (Shout Louder, Beyond Cataclysm)
  • Mikey Wong
  • Iain Wright (Snatch Game)
  • Jaap Baard (Batwolf)
  • Roberto Gasparro
  • Dave Sloan
  • Jim Taylor (Bruise Control)
  • Mark Richards
  • Josh Sumner (Fair Do’s)
  • Tim Bevington (TNSrecords)
  • Gary Hough

All proceeds will be donated to the Music Venue Trust, so you’re helping keep grassroots venues open with every purchase.